Q: What is the CRCR program? 
A: Created to advance revenue cycle staff’s proficiency and technical expertise - the Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) program is a national certification for revenue cycle staff at every level of the organization. The CRCR program helps set standards of performance for revenue cycle staff and proves a high level of revenue knowledge and expertise has been reached. 

Q: What is the value of the CRCR?
A: Healthcare rules are becoming more complex, customers are demanding more, and staff is being held at a higher level of accountability than at any other time. Today’s revenue cycle staff must have a broader understanding of the entire revenue cycle and how it influences the financial outcomes of the healthcare organization. HFMA’s Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) program provides healthcare organizations with a means to ensure that their revenue cycle staff has the body of knowledge necessary to meet these demands. 

Q: Who is CRCR for?
A: CRCR is recommended for, but not limited to: revenue cycle staff and relevant operations: patient access, financial reps, patient accounts, HIM, case management, compliance, managed care operations, and decision support.

Q: Who is eligible to purchase the CRCR program?
A: Individuals (members and non-members) as well as organizations may purchase the program.

  • Individuals will have access to the online self-study course and examination for a period of one year.
  • Organizations can purchase the program on a licensed basis and receive access to the self-study course and examination for a period of one year.

Q: How much do the CRCR materials cost?
A: CRCR study materials and examination (combined) are free for HFMA members and $399 per individual non-member candidate. 
Discounts are offered to organizations having more than 10 CRCR candidates. For more information regarding organizational sales pricing or to schedule a demo, please contact us.

Members who joined before Nov. 1, 2018, will be able to unlock all-access benefits upon their renewal for the next period. Renewal notices are scheduled to be emailed by mid-February.

Q: How is the CRCR assessment structured and administered?  What is the passing score?
A: Passing score: 70%. The assessment includes 75 questions and learners will have 90 minutes to complete the assessment. 

Q: The retake of my CRCR exam is approaching. How do the new CRCR assessment changes affect me?
A: The changes will not impact a learner taking a CRCR assessment retake; first attempt; etc.  All candidates will be presented with the new CRCR assessment (effective September 22, 2017). 

Q: What topics are presented in each of the content areas in the final assessment?

Subject Area  Topics Weight 
Patient Centric Revenue Cycle  • Revenue Cycle Overview
• Health Care Dollars and Sense
• Patient Experience and Satisfaction
• Collaboration and Continuum of Care
• Compliance and HIPAA Regulations
• Medicare Compliance & Regulations
• Ethics
• Volume to Value
• Financial Overview
• Key Performance Indicators
 Pre-Service Financial Care • Types of Patients
• Scheduling
• Pre-Registration
• Health Plans
• Health Plans – Managed Care
• Price Transparency
• Patient Financial Communication
Point of Service Financial Care • Patient Arrival and Intake
• Case Management
• Revenue Capture and Recognition
• HIM and Coding
• Claim Form Requirements, Edits & EDI
• Basic Billing Rules and Payment Methods
• Health Plan Contracts
Post Service Financial Care • Cash Posting, ERA and Fund Balances
• Credit Balances
• Exception Based Processing – Denied Claim
• Exception Based Processing - Non-Paid
• Self-Pay Follow Up
• IRS Regulations Section 501(r)
• Patient Debt Regulations
• Collection Agencies
• Outsourcing

Q: Are there study materials available to assist in preparing for the examination?
A: Yes. Study materials are available online within the CRCR eLearning program. The study guide has been developed to prepare Revenue Cycle staff to successfully take the CRCR examination. Materials presented in this program have been developed by subject matter experts utilizing HFMA publications, as well as reference materials provided via the Internet. The review questions provided illustrate the type of questions that appear on the actual examination. The online CRCR self-study course can be completed in approximately 14 hours. 

Q: My online study materials expired, can I request an extension?
A: No, the CRCR purchase agreement is for one year only. You would need to re-purchase the CRCR course for new access. Further questions, please contact us

Q: Can I earn CPE’s for successfully completing this course?
A: Yes, 14 CPE’s are awarded for the CRCR program (as of September 26, 2016).

Q: How often will the CRCR content be updated?
A: The fundamental value of HFMA certification is its relevance to contemporary practice. This is of particular importance in an industry as dynamic as healthcare. Therefore, the CRCR certification content is reviewed annually.

Q: What is the process for retaking the CRCR examination should I be unsuccessful?
A: HFMA Board of Examiners’ Policy stipulates that a candidate must wait at least 30 days before being allowed to retake the CRCR certification examination. This is standard testing industry practice and allows time for candidates to further prepare for the examination. There is no fee for the CRCR retake. 

Q: How will the CRCR exam be administered?
A: The examination will be delivered via the Internet through HFMA’s learning management system. The link to the CRCR course can be found on the HFMA website at hfma.org/crcr.

Q: Unfortunately I failed the CRCR exam; am I able to see how well I did in each module and where to focus my studies?
A: Yes, you are able to print out an exam summary and analysis which shows how well you did in each module, broken down by chapter. (Please note that there are several chapters within each module. For quick reference, go to Page 4 of 4 in the Course Introduction located in any of the modules.) The exam summary is available upon completion of the exam. The exam summary and analysis is also available for the CRCR recertification exam. You can view previous completed attempts (summary and analysis) when you re-launch the course. Completed exam attempts can be viewed under CRCR- Certified Revenue Cycle Representative Program – Final Exam. 

Q: Can I print out a certificate after successfully completing the CRCR examination?
A: All candidates will be able to print out a certificate and congratulatory letter upon successful completion of the exam. In addition, a hard copy certificate, congratulatory letter and CRCR lapel pin will be mailed out to all successful candidates within four-six weeks of completion of the course.

Q: I received my CRCR certificate and it has the incorrect spelling of my name. Can I request a new certificate?
A: Yes, please contact careerservices@hfma.org to request a replacement certificate.

Q: I misplaced my CRCR lapel pin; can I obtain a new one?
A: Yes, please contact careerservices@hfma.org to request a replacement pin.

Q: I lost my CRCR certificate; can I purchase a new one?

A: Yes. If you have previously completed the CRCR certification program and your original certificate has been damaged or misplaced, please request a duplicate by completing the certificate request form. The fee for each separate certification certificate is $25. The duplicate certificate will be mailed directly to the candidate within 7-10 business days.

Order your duplicate certificate.

Q: What is the process for recertification (maintenance) of my CRCR certification?
A: Anyone who has earned the Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) designation must maintain their certification by taking the CRCR recertification exam every 2 years.

  • The CRCR recertification exam contains 50 questions
  • 90 minutes are allowed for the CRCR recertification examination
  • The recertification exam costs $100

Q: Will I be notified that I am due to recertify?
A: Yes, you will receive several reminder notices leading up to your due date. Note: To ensure receipt of HFMA email notifications, make sure that your contact information is current with HFMA. To update your information simply log into your HFMA account via hfma.org and select "Update My Information".

Q: Where can I take the CRCR recertification examination?
A: The only way to re-certify and retain your CRCR designation is to take the CRCR recertification exam through the HFMA website. Access to the study materials and exam is through your eLearning account. Note: If you are not eligible to recertify the HFMA system will not allow you to purchase the CRCR recertification exam. CRCR recertification exam access is available starting January 1 of your due date/year.

Q: Can you please clarify the CRCR recertification cycle?
A: The first time you must re-certify may be somewhat more than 2 years from the date you originally passed the CRCR exam. This is because the re-certification due date is always 5/31/XX of any given year as established by HFMA. After the first time you re-certify, you will be on a regular 2 year cycle (June 1, 20XX through May 31, 20XX). 
An example is below:

  • Became CRCR certified in October 2014, so the 1st CRCR recertification date = May 31, 2017
  • 2nd CRCR recertification date = May 31, 2019, and so on.

Still have questions? Send an email to careerservices@hfma.org.