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CHRISTUS Health’s Digital Check-In Process Receives High Patient Ratings

CHRISTUS Health System introduced a paperless check-in process that received almost unanimous positive patient satisfaction rates. Within six months of completing the launch systemwide, per-patient revenues increased by 5.9 percent, which more than covered the expense of the digital check-in technology. The biggest benefit of digital check-in, says CFO Bob Karl, is that more data is captured with greater accuracy. “We are eliminating a lot of errors that come from taking paper and having someone at the front desk enter the information.”

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5 Steps for Consumer-Friendly Payment Options that Raise Satisfaction and Revenue

Today’s hospitals rely more on innovative consumer-friendly revenue capture solutions because of increasing patient responsibility and the risk of non-payment. Providers benefit significantly from implementing technological and non-technological solutions that integrate with operational workflows to mitigate leakage and increase cash flow.

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Publication Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018