If you're new to healthcare financial management or would like to know how to enter the field, HFMA recommends the following actions and resources.

Steps to get you started:

  • Review the HFMA "How To Advance a Career" checklist
  • Create a career profile in your Job Seeker Account. Resources include: job openings, job alerts, resume tips, career coaching, etc.
  • Consider a mentor — Mentors are invaluable because of their first-hand perspective. Is there a leader in your organization or in the industry who you admire? Ask them if they would be willing to mentor you; if not, ask them if they have any advice. 
  • Identify and assess your transferable skills. 
  • Understand the required competencies for the position you seek and develop the competencies you need to qualify
  • Create a professional network
  • Join HFMA/Renew HFMA membership

Professional Staff Career Self-Assessment

What is a self-assessment about? Taking the assessment is easy and you can use the results of the skills assessment to initiate career development by acquiring the skills you need for a particular position.  

Departments and teams need the knowledge and skills to enable a truly patient-centric approach to the business of health care. Skills include: patient experience and satisfaction, new compliance regulations, ethics, volume-to-value payment models, key performance indicators in revenue cycle, patient financial communications best practices, and more. This assessment helps you determine your readiness for the “patient-centered” health care business.



Career Services — Inquiries
For more information about the HFMA Certification Programs and Career Resources, contact the Career Services Department at careerservices@hfma.org or at (800) 252-4362 and ask for Career Services.