Use the following self-assessment tool to ensure that you have key processes covered ("yes" is the preferred response for each process). Then, check your performance measures against the better-practice target levels in the performance indicator section.


Key Processes



Follow-up Actions

1. Use single on-line scheduling software enterprise-wide.




2. Have a unit dedicated to central scheduling.




3. The central scheduling unit answers to the Chief Revenue Officer.




4. Surgery uses the same scheduling software as other departments.




5. The scheduling system interfaces with the registration system.




6. Use an on-line outpatient medical necessity system before service is provided.




7. Precertification requirements are shared with referring physicians' offices.




8. Physicians' offices are able to make on-line appointment requests.




9. Nonemergency services are scheduled 12 or more hours in advance.




10. Processes and information systems are integrated between scheduling and preregistration.




11. Services are postponed if not preauthorized in advance.




12. Financial counseling is part of the scheduling process:




  • Patient balances and payment obligations are discussed with
    the patient.




  • The hospital's policy for point-of-service payment is explained to the patient.




  • The patient is reminded to bring required payment and insurance cards.




Key Performance Indicators



Follow-up Actions

1. Overall scheduling rate of potentially-eligible patients




  • Scheduling rate for elective and urgent inpatients




  • Scheduling rate for ambulatory surgery patients




  • Scheduling rate for high-dollar outpatient diagnostic patients




2. Scheduled patients' preregistration rate

= 95%



The checklists are based on HFMA's February 2004 audio web cast, "Developing Key Performance Indicators for the Revenue Cycle," by David Hammer, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management Services, McKesson Information Solutions, and Roland Funsten, Assistant Vice President, Revenue Cycle Operations, St. Vincent Hospital. Questions or comments may be directed to  or

Publication Date: Thursday, April 01, 2004