• May 2016

    Mindful Money Management Can Lead to Financial Success 
    Financial adviser Manisha Thakor explains how applying a joy-based spending rule to managing your finances can help you avoid lifestyle creep and the loss of control of spending as you earn more money throughout your career.

    Mastermind Groups       
    Mastermind Your Career to Maximize Your Personal and Professional Development  
    Mastermind groups are designed to help members meet their career goals in an exclusive community setting that is built on a foundation of trust and similar interests and goals. Learn more to see if this type of group can help you advance on your career path.

    First-Person Perspective 
    What Women Can Do to Boost Their Negotiating Power 
    When it comes to negotiating, many women feel a great deal of apprehension about it and may describe it as a painful process to engage in. Lucy Zielinski, vice president for GE Healthcare Camden Group in Chicago, along with Kelly Tiberio, manager for GE Healthcare Camden Group in Rochester, N.Y., take a look at mastering this important skill to get what you want.

    Blog Post 
    Coco Chanel's Story: Being Married to Your Work can Bring Financial Success and Fulfillment 
    At a time when women were wearing crushing corsets and fruit-bowl-style hats, Coco Chanel bucked fashion trends and became a huge success with her renowned brand. Abby Birch writes about how Chanel's life of independence made her reflect on her own career and personal choices.  

    Musings From Mary Lee 
    Planning for Retirement Is a Numbers Game  
    Consultant Mary Lee DeCoster details the joy and pain of making the journey to successful retirement and how to keep balance in your life after leaving the working world.  

    Book Recommendation 
    How Women can Build a Healthy Relationship With Money 
    KPMG Senior Manager Annemijn van der Bijl takes a look at Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money to identify how our emotions affect how we think about and spend money.  

    Ask the Experts 
    Build Your Personal Brand to Advance Your Career 
    Beth Friedman, BSHA, RHIT, founder of Agency Ten22, reveals how improving your personal brand is a critical step in landing a new position or advancing your career.

    Voices in Healthcare Finance 
    'Voices in Healthcare Finance' Podcast Available on iTunes and Google Play 
    HFMA has launched the "Voices in Healthcare Finance" podcast series, and the first and second episodes are now available for download on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Stitcher. Interoperability, IPPS, and managing audits are topics of discussion in the latest episode.  

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