HFMA's online career assessments are coming soon.

A required first step when it comes to planning where you'll go and how you'll grow in your career is honestly and accurately evaluating your personal strengths and professional skills.

Discover your potential with the assistance of a series of invaluable self-assessments designed with you and your career in mind. You'll receive a detailed assessment report that tallies strengths, identifies areas for development and matches you with recommended HFMA learning opportunities. 

Taking the self-assessment is easy 

Your assessment results include the following:

  • Scoring Grid: this grid provides an overview of your personal results for each self-assessment section
  • Scoring Key: this descriptive scale defines your rating in each corresponding section
  • HFMA Resources: relevant links to HFMA resources are provided to help you in your career development journey

HFMA provides three levels of skills assessment:

Select Professional Staff Assessment — Coming soon!

Departments and teams need the knowledge and skills to enable a truly patient-centric approach to the business of health care. This assessment helps you determine your readiness for the "patient-centered" healthcare business.

Select Mid-Senior/Managerial Assessment  Coming soon!

Healthcare reform has changed the nature of care delivery. With these changes comes changes in business models. This assessment helps you determine if you have the necessary technical knowledge to make sound business decisions in today’s healthcare environment.

Select Executive Assessment  Coming soon!

Healthcare reform requires executives to fundamentally think differently. This assessment affirms strengths in the areas of new business models, strategies and tactics, leadership styles, and skills associated with current state executive leadership. 

These tools are just another resource included in the new, all-access HFMA membership that helps you discover your power. As a member, you can start anytime. 
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If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact careerservices@hfma.org.