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Increase staff engagement and optimize organizational results with Enterprise Solutions from the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). This membership program is ideal for health plan and provider organizations looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-implement way to provide employees with the educational resources and tools needed to work efficiently. HFMA also has Enterprise Solutions programs for organization with a business partnership objective.

Develop Employees

Access to top-notch online education, research reports, industry whitepapers, discounted conference registrations, and both national and chapter networking. Enterprise membership programs also include online education and certification programs where employees can gain recognition among peers, leadership, and the industry. As a business leader, you can increase retention and satisfaction with education that aligns with employee career pathing.                                                  

Monitor Performance

Organizations will understand employee performance, build out professional development plans at the department or individual level, and develop goal-setting strategies. Business leaders can leverage industry benchmarks and best practices to attain organizational goals. 

Increase Organizational Alignment & Competitiveness

Break down silos by offering HFMA membership across your organization. Employees will be better aligned with cross-departmental and organizational goals. Close the skills gaps that are barriers to your organization’s success. Elevate your team’s skills and expertise. 

From our Enterprise Solutions partner

“HFMA’s Enterprise Solutions group membership program allows us the opportunity to engage, develop, and retain talent in a cost-effective manner. Our team level-sets knowledge by leveraging HFMA’s award-winning online education and embedding certification programs into employee development plans. At a time where discretionary spend is being scrutinized, this program allows us to bring together the best that HFMA has to offer in a way that positions us to optimize organizational results.”
- Hugh P Chisholm, CPA, FHFMA; Vice President, Finance; Rochester Regional Health

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HFMA's Enterprise Solutions programs are customized for your organization type and unique business goals. Contact us for options available for your organization.

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Let’s Work Together

As an Enterprise Solutions member, your employees will have access to top-notch education and extensive networking opportunities—both online and in-person at the HFMA national and chapter levels. Develop high-performing employees who are more engaged, have access to continuous education, and identify clear career paths in your organization. Let’s work together to create a custom solution that aligns our products and services with your organization’s goals.

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To discuss your organization's needs and find the best option for you and your staff, start here.  

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