Each of our members has a unique story about how they've made a difference in healthcare. And our members, business partners, chapter leaders and volunteers are the lifeblood of HFMA. From navigating complex regulatory issues and legislation to mentoring others, growing our professional and personal network to solving day-to-day operational issues and impacting patient care—the incredible list of compelling and impactful stories is endless. 

Listen as they share their perspectives firsthand and discuss overcoming the many challenges and dramatic changes the healthcare industry is experiencing. And learn how the unlimited HFMA membership is a critical and invaluable resource - and a constant—in supporting today's healthcare finance leaders to help them overcome the many challenges they face every single day. 

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   Jorge Fernandez
 Lone Star Chapter
 Episode 1
   Bridget Cutchen
 Georgia Chapter

 Episode 2
   Matt Navigato
 Oregon Chapter

 Episode 3
   Guice Smith
 Tennessee Chapter

 Episode 4
   Joe Perry
 Southern California Chapter

 Episode 5
   Dayton Benway
 Maine Chapter

 Episode 6
   Connie Stimpson
 Greater St. Louis Chapter

 Episode 7
   Lynette Vermillion
 Central Ohio Chapter

 Episode 8 
   Veronica Modricker
 McMahon-Illini Chapter

 Episode 9
   Connie Ouellette
 New Hampshire-Vermont Chapter

 Episode 10 
   Briana Engeseth
 North Dakota Chapter

 Episode 11